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Takeaway from Hobby Lobby Case? Make Birth Control Available Over the Counter

The Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case perfectly illustrates the conundrums we run into in a state-run society. When it comes to contraceptives, we need to get government and employers out of it — birth control should be available over the counter.

The essence of the state is such that it uses force to uphold laws. Under a system of force, someone is going to be upset by the thing they’re being forced to comply with — in this case, the force in question was the “contraception mandate” in the Affordable Care Act that required employers of a certain size to provide access to contraceptives in their insurance plans.

Now, I’m a staunch believer that birth control should be widely and readily available. No one should block women’s access to it — not an employer or a Supreme Court judge. The Hobby Lobby case has me in a tizzy just like everyone else, because I don’t like seeing women unable to access a pill that’s safe, prevents pregnancy, reduces ovarian cysts, helps women enjoy sex for pleasure, reduces menstrual cramps — the benefits go on and on.

But I also don’t like seeing government force people to comply with laws they disagree with — or force them to do anything, for that matter. The ACA mandate in question should have us all questioning the role of state power in relation to women’s bodily autonomy and personal freedom (yes, personal freedom applies to the morally questionable individuals who run companies like Hobby Lobby, too). 

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