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Can we NEVER Escape Motherhood, or Way to Disappoint, Lifetime

I need to stop expecting Lifetime movies to entertain me. They are among a slew of indulgences I commit when sad/feeling bad about life.  My niece died this week, so I’ve been indulging in quite a bit of Judge Mathis, shitty Lifetime movies and cookies.

Around 2 AM this morning, I thought I was in for a pleasant surprise from Lifetime.  The movie was called “One Hot Summer” and is about a Latina woman (Vanessa Marcil – an ACTUAL LATINA for once) who had just made partner in a law firm (at age 34!!) and was happily married to another Latino, also a lawyer.  Of course, her ex comes back into the picture because its Lifetime, but I was loving this movie because she was adamant against having children until she was ready to take some time off of work (and she says she wants to experience being a partner in a law firm on her own time, not her husband’s).  Her husband kept pressuring her throughout the movie, and she engages in a brief affair with her ex (ALSO a successful lawyer, though not Hispanic). I also was infatuated because she was representing a Cuban family (pro bono) who were contesting the Wet Foot/Dry Foot legislation which was allowing their son to remain in America but not them.

This movie had SO many things going for it – 3 close Latina women who were friends, managed to have a conversation about something OTHER than ...

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