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National Post Fail: “Women’s Studies is Still With Us”

A friend of mine shared this on his Facebook wall tonight (under the title "God I wish the Post had sunk").

It’s a recent article from the National Post (Canada) on how Women’s Studies courses across the country seem to be dissapearing- their comment:

"Forgive us for being skeptical. We would wave good-bye without shedding a tear, but we are pretty sure these angry, divisive and dubious programs are simply being renamed to make them appear less controversial.

The radical feminism behind these courses has done untold damage to families, our court systems, labour laws, constitutional freedoms and even the ordinary relations between men and women."

And that’s just the introduction.  They continue to discuss how Women’s Studies programs have single-handedly ruined Canada.

I am Canadian and I took my one and only (unfortunately) Women’s Studies course in 2006 (and, at my alma mater, that program is indeed now called "Women’s and Gender Studies").  It was one of my favourite courses in my five-year university career.  It taught me to be more annalytical, introduced me to friends, to professional contacts (my prof from that course inspired me to persue a M.Ed in Educational Technology), and, to be very honest, nothing about it seemed "radical" to me.  There was no blame-storming.  It was a "Race and Media" course, so we read a lot of magazines and watched a television, and discussed how we could make things better, and where those changes needed to take place.

The effects this article ...