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Why I Will Never Back Down

Originally posted on my blog.

An open letter to those who think sexism is dead and the darn feminists need to stop being so angry:

I haven’t been blogging much lately, so when I noticed that I was getting a lot of page views, and a few really angry comments, I was curious. The majority were from a web site called Single Dude Travel, which seemed odd, since I’m not single, nor a dude, nor do I write about travel. Turns out, they had just linked to me because I’m a “retarded feminist.” They said I was too much of a silly idiot woman to take on directly, but they linked to an article that did. I will not link to them here, because they don’t deserve the attention. But basically their response to my argument against fat-shaming was that I’m a fat lesbian, so OF COURSE I feel that way. From there, I found a link to an article that argued that women are not fit to participate in the public sphere (seriously!!!), and they used my blog post as a prime example–apparently, I’m too emotional to tell people they’re ugly or obese, so I make up pseudo-arguments to make myself feel better. I shouldn’t quote this guy, because he does not deserve the attention, but I have to, because I cannot make this shit up (Grey is the guy who called me a fat lesbian, and when the author refers to Feministing, he’s ...

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