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First Time Feminist in a Public Forum

I’ve been a self-proclaimed feminist for a while. For an initial few years, I was a relatively ignorant feminist, with only my own experiences informing me. I read Jessica’s book, Full-Frontal Feminism, and became slightly more aware. I realized that even my own experiences were to some extent shoved under this “context” society provides, where so many things are accepted, that shouldn’t be. I had only an inkling of the injustice. It was once I really started to scrutinize the world around me, that I began to see the vast disparities emerge. When I was a junior in high school i read a note by another self-proclaimed feminist, decrying women who partake in hook-up culture, and more or less HATING on women, for their contributions to misogyny, which to her seemed mostly a product of their sexual expression. I contended her assessment, I told her that despising the only people who have an intimate enough knowledge with misogyny, the only people who will really have the drive, in great numbers to affect change, was not only destructive, but misguided.

I let her know that a woman’s benign social actions should never exclude her from her humanity.

But that was all in a relatively private setting, where no one would openly scrutinize me, where they would need to put a great deal of effort into following the argument and making a judgement.

But yesterday, a facebook status prompted me to step further out of my feminist closet. ...