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A SYTYCB entry

I have small breasts. There’s no hiding this, really. As a woman, most of the shirts I have to choose from (that are reasonably fashionable) are designed to accent and/or highlight this feature of my body.

To be honest it’s okay, I don’t need a huge chest, it seems a bit cumbersome to me, really. But I am reminded pretty regularly by society that I should be ashamed of something I don’t have any control over. Why not try a padded bra? Or implants?

I’m never going to be in a T.I. video and I’ve learned over time to tell myself that’s fine.

I have come up with a solution, though, to even out the discomfort so that men, too, can share in the pleasure of bodily exposure. Men’s tights. First I need to make them au the rage and then the rest is cake.

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