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Don’t victimize sex workers.

A SYTYCB entry.

or how to hide your prejudices behind an unnecessary law.

Currently legislators in Northern Ireland are trying to pass a law making it an offence to pay a prostitute for his or her services*. They are lauded for their activities by articles like this one in the Londonderry Sentinel. Lets ignore for a moment it’s reliance on the anecdotal and the throwing around of numbers** without any evidence to support them and look at a few of the more lurid claims.

YOUNG women are being locked in filthy cell-like rooms in Londonderry and forced to have sex with up to 40 men a day, DUP MLA Jim Wells has claimed.

Those women are forced to have sex with 20, 30 or 40 men a day. A representative of the Police Service of Northern Ireland showed a graphic picture of a disgusting, filthy room, which was almost a cell.

On the wall were the marks left by a young woman who had frantically tried to scratch her way out of the living hell that she was in. The police took DNA samples from those scratch marks and were able to identify the woman.

“They know that she was trafficked into Northern Ireland and that she was removed very quickly from that room, but they have no idea whether she is alive or dead.”

It is indeed terrible, almost as if there are no laws against rape, sexual assaultfalse imprisonment or slavery. As if there were not a whole body ...

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