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Mel Gibson kicked off of The Hangover 2

I don’t know how many of you know – or care – that assdrip-at-large Mel Gibson was slated to get The Hangover 2’s ‘image rehab’ cameo, á la Mike Tyson in the first film. (Warning: link contains Jodie Foster referring to Gibson as ‘the most loved man in film’. Whaaa?) However, as of today, he is officially off the film, with the director citing ‘lack of support’ from the cast and crew of the movie.

Now, I know this isn’t the HUGEST FEMINIST VICTORY OF ALL TIME, but personally I am pretty damn pleased to see him go. Our culture, unfortunately, is prone to either ignoring or outright rewarding racist/misogynist public figures, especially when those public figures are dudes who can claim to have made ‘artistic’ contributions and are therefore placed above common morality (see: Roman Pulanski). It’s heartening to see director Todd Philips stand up and say that nobody with Gibson’s horrifying track record deserves a spot in the limelight. The Hangover was a successful, popular film, and presumably the sequel will be as well; and I’d like to think that Gibson’s career has reached a critical failing point when even dudebro comedies with nothing to lose are too good to associate with him.

So: I hope Mel Gibson never makes another movie, and Todd Philips’ place in furthering that dream almost makes me want to see this film. (Almost.) I could be wrong, though. Is anything good enough to salvage the ...