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Taking Ann’s advice to WRITE!

I love tennis.  I love to play it.  I love to watch it.  I love to talk and read about it.  From a feminist perspective, one of the reasons I like it so much is that while women tennis professionals are still widely regarded and treated as sub-par to male professionals, they are far closer to parity than other female professional athletes.  Kim Clijsters’ purse for winning the women’s title at the 2011 Australian Open?  $2,200,000 AU. (approx. $2,200,000 US)  The exact same as Novak Djokovic’s take for winning the men’s.

So when the April 2011 TennisLife Magazine arrived in my mailbox, I devoured it like I always do.  But after I read Carol Frey’s column on pg 32, I was spitting nails! (You can read the entire column by following this link and using the thumbnails to zoom in on pg 32.  It’s a magazine preview service so there are limits on numbers of zooms)

For the non-click minded, here are a few choice sentences…

“Before you ever hit the first ball, you must tackle weighty issues such as what kind of racquet should I buy, how should I do my hair and biggest of all, what should I wear?”

“Pick out a variety of styles [of tennis clothing] and saunter into the fitting room.”