Jasmine Nicole Bruns

I'm a 20-something long-time feminist from Austin, Texas. I used to be a social worker, but now I'm studying English with plans on becoming a writer. I especially enjoy discussing feminism in the contexts of immigration, pop culture, and politics. I love Lady Gaga and Louis C.K. -- I hate dieting, talking about dieting, or food shaming.

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I lost 12 shades in 2 weeks!

So, I was searching on Mr. Movie Times when I saw this advertisement on the side of the page:

If you have reliable vision, you will notice that the before picture is of a stereotypical image of a woman of color who is bulging and the after picture is a medium-sized white woman. My initial response was to laugh loudly and call everyone in my apartment to come see, but one has to wonder what was the idea behind this marketing. Or, perhaps, did they simply let a stupid person create the image?

The image linked to Life of Lisa, a website that seems to be some kind of blog-façade advertisement.