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Youth and the Loss of Feminism

I have found that feminism has an extremely negative stigma stuck to it. When I say I am a feminist I get weird looks, people make fun of me and call me a man hater, and that I’m just looking for something to be upset about. Feminism is part of the reason sociology exists. Feminism is one of the reasons women can vote, feminism is one of the reasons women can work. I hate being among my peers who have such a negative perspective on feminism.

Feminism’s support died when the media began portraying feminists as ugly man haters. The news would have pictures of angry women burning their bras and screaming about beauty being an allusion created to make money. The media began to say, “Look at these sad, sad women, they can’t find a boy friend so their blaming it on everyone else other than themselves for not spending thousands of dollars a year on cosmetics, most of which don’t even do anything.” Women are so afraid to be ugly in today’s society that they don’t want to be a feminist because they think it takes their beauty away from them!

I was at a party with a few friends playing Apples to Apples. If you don’t know what Apples to Apples is, learn because it’s great! Anyway one of the cards someone put down was feminist. A fifteen year old sibling of my friend said, “Who put down feminist?” Everyone went quiet. ...