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Explaining “Choice” to Pro-Life Family Members

I am the "auntie" to a beautiful two and a half year old boy named Braxton. He is absolutely precious, spoiled rotten, and probably the highlight of all the time I spend visiting home. His mommy, my older sister, is proud of me for almost everything I do at Georgetown. (I go to school at Georgetown University in DC) The one thing she doesn’t like: H*yas for Choice. My sister is proud that I am president, but not exactly happy that it’s this organization. After having Braxton, she decided that she was very much pro-life, and really would prefer that I never speak about my thoughts on choice.

To some extent, I understand. When she found out she was pregnant, her first call was to a friend who had previously had 2 abortions, asking for a phone number for a clinic. Instead, the friend gave her the number of the local Crisis Pregnancy Center (on purpose or by accident, I’m not sure). My sister decided to carry her pregnancy to term, and now she is mom to an adorable little boy. For her, looking into his eyes is enough reason to be anti-abortion. And because she doesn’t understand what being pro-choice is really all about, she thinks that I (and other pro-choicers) am pro-abortion. Realizing that made me understand why she didn’t want me to talk about choice (and also made me wonder how many people believe that pro-choice=pro-abortion).

Recently, we got into ...

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