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The *Religious* Slut

Dear Feministing and Feminists alike,

I have a complaint. I often have complaints, but starting this year of High School, and having many of my girl friends leave to post-secondary college, I am left alone with all of my ‘boyfriends’ and some new make-shift acquaintances, people to at least speak to in class. And I could go on for a few hours about my observations, likes, dislikes, and the gossip but not today!

One of these guys, who is not exactly a great friend for me but is an acquaintance and someone I speak with daily, is a devout born again Christian Republican. He loves God and Guns…One day, he sent me a text message saying; “I am silent today. It is Pro-Life day. I lost a brother to abortion.”  Well, needless to say as the slutty gal I am, as the Green-Libertarian loving Democrat I am, and as the woman trusting feminist I am, I was appalled (and that was known to him very shortly after).  We proceeded to speak (well I spoke, he wrote messages) about his ‘lost brother’ and about how or how not abortion is murder. Let’s put it this way, when I asked if the baby being saved by this campaign was a gay-Muslim, would he still support it with all his heart-he pretended as if he was actually doing class work for once.