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Ariel Levy and My Super Late Response to “Female Chauvenist Pigs”

I’d like to start by saying that overall, I think Ariel Levy makes many very strong points. Her idea of female sexuality being a show as opposed to genuine desire remains unfortunately valid. I found her observations extremely interesting and valuable and would highly recommend her book. However, I have on GIANT problem with Ariel Levy. I hate her assessment of teenage girls.

As a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl, I am quite frankly sick of hearing authors, pundits, journalists, politicians, and other faces in the media sum up the attitudes of teenage girls. Watching her 2007 interview with Hannah Storm for CBS news, I wanted to vomit every time they talked about my age group. So, here’s my little constrained rant.

I go to a great high school with many opportunities. At this school, I can explore my interest in the world through the International Relations/Model UN club of which I am the president and practice music, both classical and contemporary. I have great relationships with my teachers and enjoy figuring out possibilities for college and ultimately, my future. But most importantly, I work my ass off at school so I can grasp every opportunity available to me and many of my friends, both male and female, have the same work ethic.

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