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Against Me! and a transgender rock star

Well, today’s the day everyone learns about my favorite band. Against Me! have been around for years (and they’ve been really excellent, fairly consistently), but their singer Tom Gabel has just come out as transgender in this Rolling Stone article. There have already been numerous responses of support on Facebook,other social networking sites, and even from fellow musicians, but there has also been a fair bit of hate speak over at the website (in fairness to that site, there has also been a great amount of support).

In terms of lyrical content, AM! fans can’t be completely surprised. This was addressed, however vaguely or explicit, in songs like “Searching For a Former Clarity,” “The Ocean,” and possibly “Because of the Shame.” I’m sure there are others, and I look forward to the songs to come. While I worry what hormones may do to the voice of Against Me!, my selfish worries as a fan are trumped by my great excitement for the future and really humbling pride in this wonderful person’s bravery.

All of this will be a long process, but I congratulate Laura (Tom’s new name) on her journey and her courageous decision to come out so publicly, so soon. She has always been a radical feminist (I found feministing through many years ago!) and will continue being punk as fuck.

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