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This One’s For You, Sis


There’s been so much talk lately about us ladies. Politics, especially, has been sticking their noses where they neither belong nor were invited to visit. Conservatives, specifically, waved their banner about the sanctity of life in a shame parade directly into our vaginas. We’re now debating, of all things, birth control. Again. My mom fought for birth control, and frankly, she and I are pissed that we have to do it all over again. I’ve signed every petition pushed at me, talked the ears off of everyone I know about this, tried to convince every woman I come into contact with to, please, please vote. I’ve read every article from every woman-hating politician likening rape to a change in the weather. I’ve listened to an eloquent pop culture icon debate the legality of same-sex marriage with a man whose faith is rooted, not in being a good person, but in being right. I’ve watched Republican men come to the defense of a man whose indiscretion was so monumental that I was forced to relive the worst experience of my life to try to make him see. Make him understand. I’ve been so royally angry, so hurt, so disheartened by these recent events, that now, as they continue to unfold, I can’t seem to find the energy to be surprised anymore. I’m too drained to be outraged. Oh, another man has debated the right I have to my own bodily autonomy? ...

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