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Above the thinks rape is funny.

Elie Mystal over at, a site that I (as a currently graduating law student) have come to frequent over the past 3 years.

But ATL has sunk to the ever disgusting new low of marginalizing rape.

We’ve got a couple of rape stories, but I don’t have enough rape humor to fill out two posts. So we’ll tackle them together.

Ahh, that’s right.  Rape is funny, right?  Wrong, ATL.  The title of the post is even called “Rape Potpourri.”  Wow.  And he goes on…

The little boy inside of me (I’m referring to my inner child, not my lunch) can’t believe that the man who revolutionized the linebacker position could rape a little girl.

Excuse me? Maybe I’m just so pissed off that Elie is suck a jack-hole piece of shit that I’m taking this wrong, but did he just make a joke about molesting children as well? Or, what else does “not my lunch” mean?!

You fucking suck, ATL.  And Elie Mystal—you fucking suck even more.