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Total Frat Move: Total Sexism

I was on Facebook today and clicked on a link to a site called, a website which is like or texts from last night but theme is stereotypical frat guy quotes/comments. Some of them are funny but some of them are horribly sexist. The gem that caught my eye today was posted by Oprah Is A Dyke” (lovely.) and said:

“I asked my slam if she could smell that weird scent. She said what scent. I said that scent of nothing being fucking cooked. TFM.”

I read this, stared at my screen just generally horrified. This isn’t the only post in which women are referred to as a “slam piece” (which according to means “A sex partner to whom you have no special attachment.”). The site is riddled with awful and degrading things about females.

The sexism on this site is hardly ever commented on because the nature of the website is stereotypical frat assholes who can’t be changed.