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Career Sabotaging Husbands

I found this article from Elle Magazine to be surprisingly insightful. 

I would be delighted to hear thoughts from the community, especially on the suggestions given to address this type of sabotage. 

The advice on how to communicate about the problem seemed good.

From the Article:  “You’ve got to push on,” Real advises. “You have to say, ‘Hey, this is the third time you’ve done such and such, and I think you’re picking a fight with me because you’re threatened.’ ” But it’s crucial to combine that challenge with an affirmative message, one that’s “strong and loving at the same time,” Real says. “Tell him, ‘I love you to pieces, and you will always be my first priority. Let’s work this out.’”

I’m not a fan of the "have sex and the problem will go away" schtick, although it might have some benefit for some people and I believe the author is approaching it the right way (as part of a healthy sex-life and the author does not seem to bring it up in an anti-feminist way at all).

From the Article: "Real also suggests some old-fashioned sexual validation; it’s worth finding your own version of “You’ve got to knock this off, because I’m not tolerating it. Gosh, you look hot tonight—let’s go to bed!” he says. Such reassurance quells a common male fear that “the more powerful women get, the less they’re going to care about or need you, because under the system of patriarchy, power ...