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Dear Vanity Fair

We need to talk. I’m usually pretty excited for your new Hollywood issue ever year because the photo spread is as beautiful as the women. This year, however, I am less than pleased. First let me complain about the obvious, the lack of diversity. There is not a single women of color gracing your pages this year! It’s not like you don’t feature women of color and diversity  in your magazine, the beautiful American Ferrera and Zoe Saldana were in one of your Hollywood issues not too long ago. Furthermore, women of color have been leaving their mark all over the place this year, I will will once again mention Zoe Saldana (Avatar) and of course who could forget the inspirational Gabourey Sidibe in Precious.  Next, I would like to bring to you attention the size of the group of women you have assembled. Can you see them? Look closely or you might miss seeing an arm or two. These young women are bone thing! What kind of message are you trying to portray? In order to be up and coming in Hollywood you need to be thin, fair and (for the most part) blonde? The way these women are portrayed, it looks as if they are in the waiting room of a Cotillion! I understand that this issue is about elegance and fashion, but you can be elegant and fashionable and be a size 12.
As a seventeen year old girl ...

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