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Eight Thoughts on the Octuplets

Given my obsession with The Duggars, I guess it’s no surprise that I cannot get enough of this octuplets story (for those of you with other obsessions – lame! – the short story is a woman, Nadya Suleman, recently gave birth to octuplets thanks to fertility treatments and she already has six children under the age of seven at home), and I have many, sometimes conflicted, feelings about the whole thing. But I’ll keep the list to 8:
1. It is irresponsible to have so many goddmaned kids! Children are amazing. I know, I have one. But it is unnecessary to have so many children. It’s impossible or one adult to give fourteen children adequate attention and love, especially when they’re all so close in age and some of them are medically fragile.
2. Uh, Adoption anyone?
There are millions of unwanted, neglected, and at-risk children throughout the world who would love to have a family. And, instead, you go get pumped full of embryos? For what, so you can have kids that look like you? Get over your damned self!
3. Why is this country so obsessed with women’s reproductive choices?
(Oh, and before you say anything, I don’t count because a) I am a woman and b) I’m a Feminist). Whether it’s old dudes on the floor of Congress bemoaning the number of abortions in the United States, or old dudes gripping their rosaries in front of clinics, railing against “baby-killers,” ...