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The ignorance behind arguing against teaching men not to rape

I am sick of this argument that teaching men not to rape is pointless. I am sick of the stupidity that allows for “if that worked, then murderers wouldn’t kill, and theives wouldn’t rob, and terrorists wouldn’t attack us.” That is why we have 16,259 murders per year in the USA, as compared to the lowest estimate of 207,754 rapes every year. That’s more than 12x more frequent, if you’re not so hot at math. We are taught not to murder and not to steal, but rape is left by the wayside. Our morality is learned from a young age, and a great deal of our environmental influence plays a  large part into what we perceive as right and wrong. Why do you think terrorists hate us and bomb us? Because they are brought up in a culture that teaches them to hate Americans because we are western, godless people who steal from them, aid their enemies, and kill their innocent citizens (which is unfortunately more accurate than I’d like to admit). We gain our morality from our education, and if we have lapses in our morality, it more often than not comes from a lack of parental teachings, or psychological issues. As disadvantageous as it is, we learn what we know; this is why abused individuals are more likely to become abusive themselves (obviously this is not a hard and fast rule, but it is still prevalent).

Regardless of our familial teachings, we constantly absorb from our society ...

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