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Coast Guard morale events for men not women.

Who would have thought that I’d be sitting here writing about Cheerleaders? I am not going to debate on rather or not cheerleading is a sport. I won’t even debate if fake boobs and mini skirt uniforms while cheering is good or bad for girls and women. What I am going to write about is the use of women wearing skimpy clothes for the “morale treatment” of men in the United States Armed Forces.

Last week, the United States Coast Guard, invited on board several members of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders to provide a morale booster to the crew and to promote safety on the waters. I am all for water safety and as a veteran myself I do care a whole lot about our troops.

When we say we want to support our troops. When we say we want a morale booster for our troops. Let do something that would benefit ALL of our troops and not just the heterosexual males.

I am sure some women do want to see other women wearing close to nothing cheering about boating safety. If that is your thing that is great, however, not all women do.  The Coast Guard is forgetting about their little alleged claim that “women are equal.”

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