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Single women

“Do you have a boyfriend?” “It’s time”. “The clock is ticking, tick tock”. Are you sick of hearing comments like these? Well, I am!

I just want to share my frustration. I am starting to question people’s ability to think rationally. When it comes down to women, logic and equal rules don’t seem to fit? Why is it that we live in a society that propagates that women aren’t complete without a man by their side? Can’t women be happy without a man? Why is it wrong to be single, especially for women? Why do we have all these double standards? Sorry, I am not trying to overload you with a bunch of questions, but I am seriously so disappointed about society’s way of defining the role of women. It seems to be acceptable for a guy to focus on his career, but it seems that a woman’s purpose in life still is to find the perfect man, get married, and have 2 kids and a beautiful house.

Another thing that disappointed me even more was the fact that it’s not only the men, who are upholding these twisted norms, but women too. I am constantly hearing from other women, especially older ones, how it is time to find a boyfriend, or that I am getting old. Guess what, I am 20 years old! Not that it really matters. Even if I was 35, why is it anyone’s business? Is there something ...