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“Feminism is just a phase!”

“Feminism is just a phase!”

Perhaps the saddest sentence I have heard since the words “Amy and Rory are being written out of Doctor Who” last September. But no, telling me that my feminism is simply a phase of my hope-filled, liberal, wide-eyed view of the world was pretty damn depressing too. I get that sometimes students tend to have more of a ‘radical’ mind-set on issues they wouldn’t normally have an opinion on because hey, they’re “proper grown-ups now” (we’re not, most of us still have the mental age of a 7 year old and give someone a bubble blower in the library and at several PhD students will look up from their science dissertations and positively squirm with childish joy still), but I digress. My point is that sometimes young people can get very intensely focussed on something they think is important right now, but in five years’ time they’ll think “Why did I join vegan society and wear shoes made of wheatgrass? Wow that was a weird phase” – but I don’t think we should ever (ever) use the words phase and feminism in the same sentence. (Unless of course you’re you know saying feminism is totally not a phase).

I’ll tell you a little about how I came to hear this saddening sentence the other day over the phone…

So my friend and I are sitting discussing various societies and I mention in passing “I’m surprised I’ve not heard of a feminist ...

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