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Where would I be without PP?

Where I Would Be Without Planned Parenthood

I started having sex in high school.  I did not feel that I was under any pressure and I made the decision for myself.  I stand by that decision today.  I don’t regret losing my virginity when I did in the least.   However, because of our society’s wide spread ignorant/sexist views on sex and women’s sexuality, after having sex I felt that I had to keep this matter a secret.  I didn’t want to be labeled a slut or negatively judged by my peers, their parents, teachers, or my own parents.   I knew what my peers said about female classmates who were known to be sexually active; I also knew that it is generally accepted as “good” if you are a virgin.  I did not want to be “bad”.

Keep in mind, I was an adamant feminist in high school and I had no problem vocalizing my views.