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American Girl in Italy Part 3: Dear Co Worker

(originally posted at La Femminista)

I get it. I am young, I am American, I am cute (red hair & freckles will do that sometimes). I guess all of those things make me a novelty in our workplace, thus subject to more (undesired!) attention than our other co-workers.  I am also a female.

Maybe that last factor is what most makes you think that it is OK for you to grab my nose, pat me on the head, pinch my cheeks and call me “sweetie” “darling” and “little dear”. Maybe because you are kind of old you feel a little bit grandfatherly and paternal around me, thus eliciting the unquenchable desire to play “got your nose!”. Make no mistake: you are not my grandfather, I am not four years old and my cheeks are not there for your pinching pleasure. We are in the workplace and I am your co worker, however young I may be.

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