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On Thin-Shaming

After much discussion with a variety of people – activists, feminists, thinkers, average people – I would like to discuss something particularly relevant to our discussions of lookism, body-shaming and fat-shaming/fatphobia: thin-shaming.

I am thin. I have always been thin. I am thinner than many females, and almost all men. I model because of my thinness. I have the privilege of eating as much as I want, without major weight fluctuations. Yet, why would I speak about thin-shaming when being thin is such a highly prized form of beauty in Western countries?

Because, as a thin person, I am never treated as a beautiful, real person. Because my thinness overshadows my other qualities. Because I have been told on many an occasion that my body is only “okay” because I eat so much. Because I’m young and I have time to add the weight. Because I have been told many dozen times that somebody thought at first that I had anorexia, bulimia or some other medical problem. Because I have walked down the streets of Manhattan with people staring at my legs, particularly one woman who decided to scream from across the street, amidst a crowd of at least one-hundred people, “Becky, look at his pants! They is stuck to his skin!” Because I have been told that I cannot be an exemplum of masculinity: that my thinness marks my effeminacy. Because I have eventually and gradually begun to internalize the idea that there might ...