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Why I Haven’t Forgotten About the Health Care Debate (and Neither Should You)

I wrote this originally as a note on facebook, but it occurred to me that a wider community might be interested in this perspective.  I think it’s about time I detailed some of my experience on DC’s public health care (DC Alliance).  Let’s be honest; this issue is not resolved. We had one health care bill, but it fails to address some key problems in this country’s system. We need to keep discussing it, keep trying to understand the many sides to the uniquely American experience of health care.  In an effort to keep the debate alive, here goes:

The Basics:

I was on DC’s public health care for nine months while I was unmarried and had a job without benefits. During that time, I saw several health care professionals for free: primary care doctor, neurologist, dentist, and the ER (nothing terrible: a badly bruised rib). I also filled several prescriptions for free, but not without hassle. (See below.)