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Heavy Lifting

I’m entering finals week in my first year of university, and as the year winds down, I have to figure out what to do with all the junk I’ve acquired over the course of the year. One of the ladies at the church where I attend was kind enough to take the TV set and printer that my university will not allow me to keep in campus storage. This lady is in her mid-sixties, and fairly able-bodied. I am nineteen, and able bodied. When it came to carrying my stuff down to her car, she doubted my ability to carry the heavy items like my TV set on my own.

“Let’s get one of these boys to carry it. I’ll even pay them,” she suggested. I live on a coed floor, and she’d seen some of the boys walking by.

Though I managed to convince her (over and over) that I could take it down the hall to the elevator and then out of the building, the twenty yards or so to her car, downhill, no less, she kept suggesting that I should get one of the guys to do it.

I’ll concede that my stuff was heavy, but not something I couldn’t carry a short distance. The first thing many people would say in regard to my situation is, “Well, men are stronger than women.” Yes, on average this is true. I will even grant you that I don’t work out or do any sort ...