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How the Internet Became the Bastion of Misogyny

I usually don’t respond to misogynistic, immature comments or posts on youtube, tumblr, or any other social media site. Females everywhere, whether they consider themselves feminists or not, who engage in social media have most likely experienced veiled or overt misogyny on comment boards or blog sites. It’s nothing new and sometimes the easiest thing to do is ignore it.

But sometimes I’m feeling really confident. Sometimes I get tired of being bombarded with these sexist messages and having them forced down my throat. It’s not exactly fun to watch ESPNW’s 10 greatest moments in women’s sports and have to expect sexist comments about how women cannot play sports. I was feeling a boost of confidence after watching the St. Louis Cardinals sweep the Brewers and looking through gifs on Tumblr, so I decided to respond to a commenter on said video who said men are simply more athletic than women – and that scientific data proves it.

I simply said “I call bullshit” and asked him for the said scientific data that he kept talking about. Maybe it wasn’t the most polite thing to say – but is it a reach for me to say that him calling me a stupid cunt went way too damn far? Or that him continuing to spew his own opinions and call it science and then insult me was a little bit ridiculous? Because that’s what he did – and I it was pretty damn impolite.

This wasn’t the ...

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