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Do my emotions devalue my choice?

I may be pregnant. My boyfriend and I had sex on June fourth, and the condom we used broke. I took plan B the next day. And yet, I am still scared and nervous and angry, not at him, but at the society that prevents me from telling anyone, except in an anonymous way on the internet.

If I turn out to be pregnant, I will have an abortion. There is no question about it. My insurance will most likely have to cover the ultrasound portion of the cost. I have enough saved up to cover the procedure itself. But even my pro-choice friends subtly condemn abortion by avowing that they would never have one themselves. This statement leaves women like myself in a bind, where I would be judged to varying degrees of harshness by confiding in anyone at all. They say that they would never kill their baby, that is not a moral choice. It is something a good person would never do, in their eyes, and it allows them to put themselves above the women who need abortions and actually have to make that difficult decision.

And I am even angrier at the state of North Carolina for attempting to legislate my rights away. Last November, they passed the Women’s Right to Know act, which should probably be called the Women Know Nothing Act, and mandated a 24-hour waiting period on all abortions, that physicians perform an ultrasound, read a script, and ...