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Kick her while she’s down, why don’t you.

This article enrages me, and not because I give a damn about Rihanna being a role model – because I really could care less. No, it’s how the author chooses to express this opinion that really upsets me. While Mark Harris seems to (kinda?) say he *isn’t* victim-blaming (I think? I’m actually not sure if he really denies he’s doing it), he most certainly is acting such.

Here are a few quotes:
“And what kind of woman gets back together with the man who hit her? A fool. Or someone who is so self-hating she thinks she had it coming or so in love she imagines it won’t happen again. Or someone who might have grown up believing that it’s no big deal. Choose your favorite rationalization as your stomach turns.”

Going to take a big leap here and say you don’t know someone who’s been a victim of abuse, or maybe don’t know someone who was and stayed with the abuser. Maybe you do know someone in such a circumstance, but I’m hoping you never spoke such above thoughts aloud in front of them. You are passing loaded vindictive judgement at someone who was slapped, punched, and screamed at by someone they were in love with. As hard as you will try, you will never understand Rihanna’s sitaution because you are not Rihanna, you are not, ...