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On fatshion

I just finished the book my Mom gave my for my birthday, a book I’ve really been looking forward to reading, Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girl on Life, Love, & Fashion edited by Virgi Tovar.  I became aware of Fat Activism in a class I took my last semester of college called Women Filmmakers.  My friend Dot made a video about her journey to self-acceptance, not an easy feat in a society obsessed with an ideal of beauty, and the ideal beauty (unfortunately) very, very, rarely takes the shape of a fat girl.  Dot posted her video on youtube so you can see it here:


A few months later I somehow found Virgie Tovar through her youtube channel which features Virgie’s Girl to Fat Girl Living.  I promptly fell in love with her (I mean have you seen the series? How could you not?!?!) and realized I need to confront a lot of my own body negativity and some of my own fat phobia.  Fast forward months later and Virgie finally came out with this wonderful collection of essays which I just had the pleasure to read.  She divided it into three sections, as the title suggests.  I of course skipped right to the back to the fashion section (you know me).  There I found a lot that resonated.  These fabulous fat girls also saw fashion as not just ...

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