I'm a 25 year old small business owner trying to make in Alberta. Majoring in International development with a minor in Gender and Sexuality studies means I (try to be) fully involved in activism in my community and globally. My biggest interests lie in the areas of reproductive and sexual health, and access to services. And of course, ranting endlessly about the shambles that politics where I live, both federally and provincially, are starting to fail the public in the name of sating business enterprise. Weird, considering that I'm a greedy corporate bastard myself. ^_^

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Tories looking to scrap “Affirmative Action” in Federal Hiring Policies?

Story from the Globe and Mail

Listen. I get it. I’ve heard all the arguments about how people should get the job they are competing for based on being the best applicant for the job (this is apparently especially true for fire fighters, but I won’t get into that here). No one should get a job being the less qualified applicant because they have a vagina, brown skin, or are legally blind. Why? Because Canadians believe firmly in the idea of Meritocracy. The people who work the hardest and put in the most effort will get the most returns.

Pull yourself up by the boot straps, Canada!

But I think a nice little thing that people conveniently tend to leave out of this conversation is the role that privilege plays in this big meritocracy game. It’s one thing to say “I believe in an equal playing field” and it’s entirely another thing to acknowledge just what that means.

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