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Bob, is Sally helping you with the kids?

The term “working mom” is sexist and I die a little every time someone asks me if I have a job or do I take care of my daughter. I mean, do you ask men the same question? “Hi Bob, how goes the work/home life balance with your newborn? Are you able to manage it all? Is Sally helping you out?” Or, better yet, “Frank is such a go-getter, I could never imagine leaving my child with someone else, but those career dads are something special!”

No? You don’t? Too bad, because you certainly should. I mean – shouldn’t men also experience the daily mind-mashup that a lot of working/nonworking moms experience? Just consider the level of anxiety that some women face when being bombarded with those sorts of personal “small talk” questions. It is like playing Russian roulette, you never know when a toss away question, like “Can you meet us up for happy hour or do you need to get home to your child?”- could elicit a reaction equivalent to “I will cut you if you don’t back off!”

While I jest, the theme of working, not working, or a combination of both – is a serious matter as it related to balancing a family. I assume that we are all progressive in thoughts as it relates to matters of family matters, but I want to say generally; – regardless of gender, most people hope to attain a career that is rewarding, yet allows sufficient time to spend with ...

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