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Zawadi’s story

What I’m going to write about isn’t enjoyable to read. In fact, it’s something really hard to learn and, especially, to forget. You might not want to go on reading this post, as I was shocked myself when I heard this story. But I think it’s worth it.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m a journalism student at City University, London. In one of my lectures, we had a very special guest: Mike Thomson, BBC Radio 4’s foreign correspondent. He told us about his experience in Congo, torn apart by the civil war. It was in relation to this that we learnt about Zawadi Mogane.

Because of the violence going on in her country, Zawadi said it wasn’t safe to sleep at home: so they slept in the woods. But one night violence and death came to her own village. The Rwandan rebel soldiers known as the Interahamwe, who flew over the Congolese border after the genocide in 1994, changed her life for ever.

They took her, her brother and three of her children, as well as about 50 people from her village, to a rebel camp in the woods. They butchered with knives most of the men. Zawadi and another woman were left alive, but at a terrible price: two of her children were killed in front of her, while her brother was decapitated after having refused to rape her.

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