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“No To Safe Sex,” among other bullshit.

Last Saturday here in the Philippines, an “anti-RH bill” rally was held at the historic EDSA Shrine. Ten thousand people were reported to have been in attendance. Yes, ten thousand people braved wind and rain in the hopes of convincing legislators that poor people don’t deserve reproductive rights.

During the rally, a banner hung by a bridge with some confusing text written on it. “Yes to saved sex,” it said, followed by “No to safe sex,” capped off with a hashtag, #NoToRHBill.

I guess I’m confused:

1. What is “saved sex”? I cringe at the thought, without even knowing what it is. According to my short internet research that I did incognito because I don’t want this embarrassing query in my search history, “saved sex” is the basic tired principle of “virginity = purity”. Anti-RH conservatives believe that unless two (or gasp! multiple!) people are married and are straight, they should not be having sex.

2. “No to safe sex.” Really? Really? The world has been fighting HIV for decades and this is the kind of disrespect we get from conservatives? There is no excuse to this idea other than it came from complete idiots. This particular sentiment stems from the anti-RH faction’s inherent hostility towards contraceptives. These people, without shame, are anti-condom, anti-artificial birth control, anti-choice, and anti-sex.

3. Again, without shame, the conservatives are pushing for a Twitter trend in the form of #NoToRHBill. A lot of people say that the anti-RH bill groups ...

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