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How can you not be a feminist?

Up until I reached high school, I never thought a woman who wasn’t a feminist existed- until I met my best friend. She and I had very different political views, and I wanted to try to be accepting of her conservative views. And we had no conflict, until she offered to lend me a book that she had just read. The premise of the book was that men are the hunters, so women should be submissive and have babies. I was horrified, people actually still thought like this? I promptly told my friend, no, I have no desire to read something so demeaning. She was surprised, we had kept anything political/religious our of our friendship. She kept saying that it was so unnatural for women to work, women to be in power, even for women to ask guys out on dates. This coming from a girl who shaves her bush, as so many females my age do. It’s sad, and gives guys some very fucking messed up ideas about how our bodies should be. The point is, she was not really the right person to talk about “natural”. So, I tried to forget the incident. Why do I care, her beliefs aren’t affecting mine.