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Brother bully

Ok, I am new to this site and not sure where to post what, but I’m hoping this is where I can go for support for an issue that I am being tortured with. I am just looking for other women out there that may have been through what I have gone through and can encourage me to continue on.

I am testifying against my older brother in his child custody fight due to the abuse I have witnessed and endured from him over many years. I am trying to protect my 5-year-old nephew from further abuse. However, since my brother found out I am a witness against him, he has threatened me by claiming should I testify, he will file a slander suit against me or a “3rd party interference” suit against me.

But the worst part is this… I had an abortion 16 years ago as a 18 yr old girl. Only my immediate family know. My brother has now posted about it on my Facebook, has emailed me harrassing emails about killing my child, and is now threatening to tell my children and friends if I testify against him. I am so lost, I just don’t know what to do. He has made up fake email accounts in my name and is sending me anti-abortion emails as well as emails about me being a “baby killer.”

The last time I got emails from him, I got my husband’s gun. I just sat in ...