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Fight of the Inches: To be or not to be

An array of beautiful plus-sized models, magazine covers, wonders like Adele; I almost thought the world was moving towards size acceptance.

Being a rather, prominent Viking woman, I hold a strong faith that even my bone is not 24 inches. Being a feminist, I’ve believed that the measurements of my body are no ones business except mine.  Yet, I myself suffered much at the hands of Cosmopolitan and their glossy models, as a child. Growing up, I’ve wondered, why in a world where boys are supposed to like girls they can carry around on a hand, would they even turn around to look at me let alone tried to get “physical.” It’s only now that I realized, that a plus-sized woman–call her chubby, voluptuous, curvy or fat–is nothing but a Sex Symbol. They are stared at because they have “big boobs,” men want to do them because of “that booty.” Big girls want sex, big girls give better blowjobs because they are hungry, more cushin for the pushin; some of the phrases commonly used, for anyone who is not the image of Karlie Kloss, and does not own Gisele’s legs.

From cheap soft porn photography, to high end fashion photography, why do we have to show, a “bigger” woman as a lusty, anxious to please thing? Why is even a slightly curvy woman used in the Pitbull’s raunchy videos but not in Enrique’s more sensual ones? Why does Vogue or Glamour show a plus sized model topless, ...