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My view on how relationships and media affects young girls

I have learned over the years that there’s so many tv shows that can be degrading to women. Shows like Toddlers and Tiaras can really affect a young girl when they are older, if they are told that they have to be perfect and have to look like an adult it can affect their mental health later in their life. A young girl who is told that they aren’t good enough or that they are worthless it affects them so much that they become anorexic or bulemic and it can kill them. Shows that degrade young girls can stay with them and make them feel terrible about themselves. I know a little bit of psychology and i know it can hurt if  someone tells you that you’re not perfect or you’d be more perfect if  you did what I wanted you to do and not what you wanted. I have learned that when you think your in love with someone and they pretend to be nice and perfect they can end up turning into an abuser. I have personally seen someone I’m close to go through abuse.

Abusers that gain control of  someone else try to make them feel bad about themselves and threaten to leave in order to make the other person dependent on them and then they have control. An abuser makes the person their with feel bad about themselves. Anyone can make someone else feel bad and lower their self-esteem but we need more ...