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SLUT: See Limbaugh, Unevolved Troglodyte

Rush Limbaugh has been all over the news since his misogynistic rant about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student who testified before Democratic members of Congress about birth control coverage being a necessary part of women’s health. His rant went on for over three days, during which he called her a “slut” and a “prostitute,” along with about 50 other insults. Apparently, each of those insults has now cost him an advertiser, as 50 of them (so far) have pulled their ads from his show. Granted, one must wonder why they ever decided to advertise with him in the first place. As a man who regularly spews sexist manure and the one who coined the term “feminazi,” it’s obviously not his first sexist rodeo. However, this time enough people grabbed the bully by the horns and put pressure on his advertisers to try to make it his last.

After several advertisers initially dropped him, he made a half-assed apology to Fluke, during which he just reiterated what he’d previously said. At that point, you’d think he might slither away from sexist rhetoric until the heat went down … but nope. Just last week, he made demeaning comments about author Tracie McMillan, including calling her an “authorette” and stating: “What is it with all these overeducated white women?”

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