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The Occupy Movement, Queer Theory, and People Who Do Not Exist.

A SYTYCB entry

(Content originally posted at The Continuously Factured Life)

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion lately – about the center of things, about heart. I’ve been thinking about how long things connected to the heart might last; how something imagined suddenly becomes real. I’ve been thinking about how it would be if I woke up one morning and my passion, or something/someone I was connected to, was gone. This week, a friend of mine told me she found out an ex-boyfriend is dating someone new and I automatically knew what that moment felt like in her heart. At work, I’ve been around when the news comes in that one of our mothers miscarried. I have no idea what that feels like but my heart still aches for the situation. I feel for what a person might have gone through before and if they choose to come out to their friends and family; I’ve been thinking about the loneliness before and after that point, and about what parts of the world are about to exist or not exist for that person and their friends. About that shift when the semi-real becomes the very real. I’ve been thinking about various types of emotion and passion and interruptions to both – what a body goes through when the heart drops or raises in response to pain.

A guest speaker at my church once said that there are, loosely, three types of people in the church ...

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