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A Thank You to Courtney Martin

I was just like any college girl. Dazed and confused. Not like the movie, but in regards to life and what I wanted to do. I was a junior in college and had no idea what I wanted to do in life. Just like most women at the ripe age of 20, I had no idea what my purpose was or what I was passionate about. I was trying out yet another major at the end of my sophomore year; one more in the long list of majors attempted. I found out very quickly that Public Relations was not my thing. While I still learned valuable writing skills and learned to write press releases, I did not like the idea of basically lying for companies I did not approve of like the beauty industry for example. I decided I needed to find a new direction.

I searched endlessly, re-reading the list of majors offered and coming up empty handed in what interested me. In attempt to stay sort of on track with all this major changing I did, I decided to take a few online classes over the summer. I took a Philosophy ethics class whose final paper involved writing a research paper on a famous philosopher or thinker. My professor encouraged us to pick women philosophers because most people just solely focused on the great men thinkers.

I chose Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I found she was a pretty astounding and accomplished lady. She was ...