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My Love/Hate Relationship with Television

Okay, so, a lot of people have a hard time comprehending this when I say it, and I find myself having to repeat it several times– actually, more often the topic comes up several times before it finally sinks in. I don’t really watch TV.

Again: I don’t really watch TV. It’s true, and there are a lot of reasons for it starting somewhere in the fact that I genuinely forget it’s there and ending somewhere else wherein I tend to get angry at the TV because of the sheer amount of blatantly oh-so-subtly sexists, racist and other prejudicial slurs that make up a lot of mainstream advertising and programming. It can be really easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re watching, actually.

But to be fair, there actually is a lot of TV that I would really enjoy– enjoy in the sense of being able to sink into a good story enough that I can turn off, temporarily, my analytical and socially critical mind and just be entertained. (If I could remember the TV existed.) Among those shows, the Daily Show is sort of one of my favorites (it’s my parents’ favorite actually, sometimes I stray into the room and just end up captivated.) I always love a good laugh, and I knew that the comedians would have some good jokes to ploy the audience with in the wave of the Prop 8 News. And they pretty much delivered as expected, I ...

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