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“Male Studies” at Wagner college

[Disclaimer: I am new here, but feminism and masculinity is a new and important interest of mine and I wanted to share something that disturbed and motivated me a bit.]

Searching for anthropological treatments of masculinity, and academic studies in general, I came across many wonderful leads.

But in the midst of it, I came across this disturbing “Male Studies” conference being held April 7 in Staten Island about program on said subject being offered at Wagner college.

From their FAQ:

“Male Studies has emerged out of the conviction that the experience of what it means to be male can be approached while abstaining from cultural and ideological preconceptions about the phenomenon.”


The anthropologist involved, Lionel Tiger has advocated a ‘social carnivore theory’ of human evolution (according to Wikipedia) and has written books on male bonding (an outdated tome from the 80s) and higher status of women within society, resulting (naturally) in lower status for men, because of course human rights are a limited resource.

I will probably need to read these books, as I’m thinking of going back to graduate school (after a hiatus of 10 years from college) to resume anthropological studies, due to a renewed interest, and am beginning to think an obvious focus of study for me would be masculinity. I suppose I should harness my annoyance and confusion and turn it into motivation.

Anyway, just wanted to share this in case people may not have heard about ...