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Sexual harassment at my internship

I wasn’t sure where to write this, but I had to write it. I plan on coming up with a more formal list tracking what goes on at my internship later (for the purpose of handing it in to the director if I need to), but right now I’d just like to vent and perhaps attempt to sort out some feelings towards my internship. I welcome any input from the Feministing community. If anyone has similar stories they’d like to share, they’re welcome to. This is just here to tell my story.

I’m currently doing an unpaid internship with a non-profit. This particular non-profit is a 40 minute drive away that costs $20 every week. I earn only a little more than minimum wage at my regular job and give 12 hours of one of my off days to this internship. I work as hard if not harder than any of the other interns (we’re all unpaid) and put in extra time where I can. I have been told that my position was considered their hardest to fill as well as their top priority because the director of this non-profit really loves numbers. I conduct market research and interpret the data and I already improved on the previous intern’s work. I have attended every meeting and jumped at every opportunity to get to know my supervisors and fellow interns better. This has included events the senior staff members organized. This non-profit is staffed by ...

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