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Man kills himself and his son after blatantly threatening to do so, this is ignored by three judges who accuse the ex-wife of lying.

This made me so angry, It’s hard to even think straight right now. However, if anyone can find contact info for Judge Robert Lemkau please post it in the comments, this man needs to be fired immediately. I have never seen such a blatant case of woman hating, disregard for life of child and mother and disgusting paternalist “We know what’s best for your child” thought.

*Trigger Warning*

You can read the actual transcript right here: transcript. It’s time to raise hell, this is the last straw, I don’t want to here another word come from some domestic abuser-apologists mouth.

In case you weren’t angry enough here is the facebook suicide message this piece of dirt wrote blaming his ex-wife for having to kill their son: Simply disgusting