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RNC: Post-sleep report-back

If you were able to follow along with my sporadic and unhinged twitter updates, or read my posts here on, you already know that the RNC security team delivered swift but massive blows to the infrastructure of dissent created to ensure political change in the next election. They targeted independent media, street medics, legal aids, and activists with mass arrests, illegal detentions, beatings, surveillance, harassment, and what can only be described as torture. 

One particularly brutal attack on the people came at the same moment as two CODEPINK protestors and one IVAW man interrupted McCain’s speech—one of two acts of dissent that actually made national news (the other being the Sarah Palin CODEPINK interruption of the night before). “You can’t win an occupation,” read one sign, with “McCain votes against vets” printed on the other. Elizabeth Hourican, Nancy Mancias, and Adam Kokesh were ejected from the building after rushing the stage with another sign emblazoned with “McCain = more war.”

Major media only gave the interruption a flash, and McCain followed suit.

“My friends, my dear friends,” McCain said from the stage on September 4. “Please, please don’t be diverted by the ground noise and the static, I’m going to talk about it some more, but Americans want us to stop yelling at each other.”

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